A featured profile of one the U.S.’ largest trading partners in Brazil, who despite going through a recession, has continued its strong bilateral trade with the United States.

From the Federation of International Trade Associations

Brazil is the largest economy of Latin America and the ninth-largest trading partner with the U.S. Brazil has experienced high growth rates between 2000 and 2012. Brazil is currently experiencing a recession and with a pessimistic economic outlook. However, bilateral trade with the United States seems to have suffered little from this decline of overall economic activity. In addition, the signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) may give a new impulse of life into the Brazilian economy.

According to U.S Census data, trade in goods between the United States and Brazil totaled 73 billion USD in 2014. The United States exported a total value of 42.4 billion USD and imported 30.5 billion worth of goods. Data for January to August 2015 indicates a slight decrease in the trade of goods.

The United States exports mainly petroleum products, machinery, aircraft and electronics.
Imports from Brazil include crude oil, vehicles, electronics and machinery.

Opportunities in Brazil can be found in the following sectors : e-commerce, information and communication technologies and infrastructure.

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