John Curzon

What drew you to be a part of the OKGIT?

I was introduced to OKGIT by another member with whom I had worked on international related projects.  I felt aligned with the GIT’s network of informed and passionate Oklahomans connected to the international community across several different sectors. Working alongside others from business, education, agriculture, government and nonprofits, has expanded my perspective of our global community.  My desire to both contribute my global business experience and learn from others was a major draw for me.

Tell us about your international experiences and how that is reflected in your life/work in Oklahoma?

Many don’t realize Oklahoma’s business and entrepreneurial efforts truly reach every corner of the globe. As a business and tax consultant with over 30 years of experience, I am regularly consulting with my clients on matters regarding how to expand around the world. Additionally, I have the privilege of being contacted by foreign parties interested in expanding their business into the US by way of Oklahoma. Personally, I have enjoyed traveling to places outside of the US since my youth. I feel that the best way to connect with others is to have genuine experiences with cultures unlike my own.

Why is it important for you that Oklahoma has strong international ties? (or a ‘global outlook?)

It is important for me to share with others the wealth of resources that Oklahoma has to offer. Having strong international ties is a major factor in our ability to be nationally competitive and be a major player on the world stage from a business perspective. I am always looking for ways to show international entrepreneurs that Oklahoma is far more than a flyover state.