John Osborne

Director of International Programs, Assistant Professor of Communications Oklahoma Christian University

John Osborn

1.    What drew you to be a part of the OKGIT? I’ve known about the Governors International Team for some time and have watched the work of this group from a distance.  I am leading a group at our University who is developing a new graduate degree in Leadership.  One of the focus areas for that degree is Global Leadership and I wanted to be more involved in organizations at the State level that can help us understand opportunities and challenges in many different sectors.

2.     Tell us about our international experiences and how that is reflected in your life/work in Oklahoma. My entire professional career has been connected to global engagement.  My current role at Oklahoma Christian University is leading the University mission to “take OC to the world and bring the world to OC.”  I also serve on the Board of Sister Cities in my local community whose mission is to connected our citizens with communities and others around the world.

3.     Why is it important for you that Oklahoma has strong international ties? In addition to the professional reasons that are likely similar to other members of the OKGIT, it is personally important to me that Oklahoma has strong international ties because it gives our communities and children the opportunity to experience the fullness, beauty, and very best that cultural diversity has to offer.  I am a “richer” person because of my travels and friendship with others in Asia, Europe, and Africa.

John Osborne currently serves as Director of International Programs and Assistant Professor of Communication at Oklahoma Christian University.  He teaches communication and leadership courses and leads the global education efforts including study abroad and strategic global partnerships.  He has more than 20 years of industry experience as an international education consultant and non-profit organization leader.  He is a frequent speaker at conferences and workshops on topics related to global education and leadership.  Her serves on the board of two global non-profits as well as a serving as a member of the Edmond Sister Cities Association.  He is a member of multiple leadership and international professional organizations.  He’s been married for 31 years to his wife, Kelly, and they have three grown children.