Representative Mark McBride

Oklahoma House of Representatives – HD 53

Mark McBride

Tell us about your international experiences and how that is reflected in your life/work in Oklahoma? 

My interest in politics started by visiting developing and third world countries during elections.  I saw how passionate the people were by taking to the streets with banners, flags and bull horns and meetings that I’ve had with the State Department, ambassadors, NGO’s and CBO’s, etc.  It is important that Oklahomans realize that we live in a global economy and we are competing with other countries for jobs and goods.

About Rep. Mark McBride

Representative McBride was elected to the Oklahoma House of Representatives in 2012. Mark represents House District 53, which encompasses most of Moore, Oklahoma, the state’s seventh largest city. He is a local business owner of McBride Construction and Roofing, LLC and McBride Homes, LLC. He is married to his beautiful wife Jennifer and welcomed her daughter and two sons into his family of two daughters, two sons and six grandchildren.

Currently, Representative McBride is the Chair of Appropriations and Budget on Education Committee, a member of the Business, Commerce and Tourism Committee and the Energy and Natural Resources Committee. He also serves as the Assistant Majority Floor Leader. Mark was appointed to the Capitol Restoration Oversight Committee.

Previously, Mark served as the Vice-Chair of the House Utility and Environmental Regulation Committee 2013-2015, Vice-Chair of Energy and Natural Resources 2015-2019. He also is an Executive Board Member of the Energy Council and serves on the Board of Directors of the Southern States Energy Board.

Mark is a proud Board Member of the Maisha Project. The Maisha Project has a school and orphanage in Kisamu, Kenya. Over all, it exists to transform lives and empower communities by providing a lasting solution to address poverty, hunger, disease and under-education.

Mark has also been involved in several areas of mission ministry and humanitarian aid. He is the Founder and President of Thousand Hills Mission, which is dedicated to providing agricultural and veterinary assistance to the people of developing and Third World countries. He has consulted with mission projects in Central America, Eastern Europe (Bosnia-Herzegovina) and Africa. Since 2003, Mark has personally led mission teams to remote village areas of Nicaragua and Africa where they help with agricultural, veterinarian and humanitarian aid projects.