Meloyde Blancett

Executive Director – Creative Oklahoma

Meloyde Blancett

Meloyde Blancett is a member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, Tulsa HD 78, having been elected in November 2016 and re-elected in 2018. She serves on the following committees: A&B Health, Business & Commerce, Health Services & Long Term Care, and Tourism. She was recently appointed to the bicameral oversight committee for the Legislative Office of Fiscal Transparency, a newly created division ensuring public funds are spent in a responsible manner.

Meloyde also is Executive Director of Creative Oklahoma, a 501(c)3 statewide nonprofit whose mission is to advance innovative solutions and creative thinking in the areas of education, commerce and culture with the end goal of creating a more robust and prosperous state.

Currently, Creative Oklahoma has three primary programs that help to achieve this mission. In February, COK launched its Oklahoma Entrepreneur Mentoring Program as part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Venture Mentoring Service network and currently has five entrepreneurs it is pairing with senior business leaders who will serve as long term mentoring teams.

In conjunction with the Governor’s office, COK also recognizes Oklahomans annually who have achieved significant accomplishments in innovation and creative solutions by bestowing upon them the Creativity Ambassadors Award. Renowned surgeons, real estate developers, artists, film executives, financiers and other innovators are members of the COK Creativity Ambassadors network.

And it exposes Oklahomans to examples of innovation and creativity around the world by being the only state in the U.S. that is a member of the Districts of Creativity Network, a global organization of 15 world regions that are dedicated to advancing innovation and creativity. Each year, COK takes delegates to the DC Network’s World Creativity Forum to hear leading ideation experts and innovators who inspire attendees to seek out-of-the-box solutions that lead to significant achievements in their own areas.

Previous to serving as a member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives and Executive Director of Creative Oklahoma, Meloyde has served in marketing and communications executive positions with such organizations as Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, Williams Communications, Winnercomm and the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, in addition to serving as marketing and strategic planning consultant to many companies and nonprofits.

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