Mucki Wright


Born in Caracas, Venezuela to her parents Maurice and Corali Jacquet De Heurtaumont,
French engineer and German artist. Due to her parents work schedules, she travelled through her childhood and moved many times, living in 8 different cities, 4 different countries, 3 different continents, therefore learning multiple languages such as Spanish, French, German and English.

She went to Medical school in Caracas and subsequently her Specialty, Pediatrics.
She met her husband of 34 years in Medical school, Dr. Harlan Wright, Transplant physician, currently working at Oklahoma Transplant Center at OU. Together they have travelled extensively and have finally have settled down in Oklahoma. They have one son, Warren Wright, who is an engineer in Oklahoma City.

Currently Mucki is involved in numerous social, medical and philanthropic endeavors, she’s on the Board of Oklahoma Medical Alliance, Sister Cities international, Leukemia Lymphoma Society leadership chair for Man/Woman of the Year and Suited for Success Board and others.

Mucki has a deep passion for philanthropy and Oklahoma, and is devoted to furthering the cultural growth of Oklahoma as a state.