Peggy Millikin

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Peggy Millikin

Why did you join the OKGIT?

I share the goals of the OKGIT to serve Oklahoma through economic development of our state economy and through cultural sharing.  As our world becomes smaller due to technological advancements, Oklahoma’s economy will become even more interdependent on trade with other nations.  Understanding and appreciating other peoples and cultures is exciting and edifying, and this understanding lays the foundation for increased cooperation and mutual benefit through commercial exchanges and educational opportunities.

Tell us about your international experiences and how they are reflected in our work and life in Oklahoma?

I was first exposed to international students when earning my undergraduate degree in petroleum engineering at the University of Tulsa, which offers a highly respected engineering curriculum and attracts students from all over the world.  I enjoyed interacting with students from Malaysia, Lebanon, Iran, China, Canada, and Venezuela, and with professors from Mexico, India and the United Kingdom.  After engineering school, I obtained my law degree, passed the patent bar and became an intellectual property (IP) attorney, focusing my practice on patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets, which are international by nature.  As an IP attorney, I counsel clients with global IP portfolios and with international affiliates and operations.  This edifying work gives me exposure to people and cultures worldwide and the opportunity to form friendships and business connections that I carry with me today.

Why is it important for Oklahoma to have strong international ties?

The answer to this question takes us full circle back to the first question and why I was drawn to be part of OKGIT.  Life for citizens of Oklahoma is enhanced through cultural exchanges, international educational programs and transnational commerce.   Equally importantly, Oklahomans have much to offer the peoples and cultures of the world by sharing who we are and what we know and do well.  This mutually beneficial interchange benefits all involved in numerous ways, both individually and collectively, through new and shared experiences, improvements in quality of life, business and career enhancements, educational opportunities, and relationship development.

Margaret (“Peggy”) Millikin is a registered patent and trademark attorney with a national and international client base and has 22 years of intellectual property law experience. Peggy formed Millikin Intellectual Property Law, PLLC in 2014, and represents clients in all phases of intellectual property law. Prior to forming her own firm, Peggy was a shareholder and director with Crowe & Dunlevy where she co-chaired the Intellectual Property Law practice group and chaired the International Law practice group. She also was Manager for the U.S. intellectual property office for Basell (a joint venture of BASF and Royal Dutch Shell) at their R&D Center in Elkton, Maryland, reporting to the Vice President of Intellectual Property in Ferrara, Italy, and served as Senior IP counsel for Owens Corning in Columbus, Ohio, Honeywell Inc. in Richmond,Virginia and Hercules, Inc. in Wilmington, Delaware. Peggy has counseled clients with operations throughout Europe, Asia, the Pacific Rim and North and South America.

Peggy has managed the global IP portfolios for a number of international businesses, counseling clients on aspects of portfolio creation, management, protection and enforcement. She has lead the IP function on international business transactions, involving IP assets worth hundreds of millions of dollars. She has also represented clients in high-stakes IP litigation and employs creative problem-solving skills to encourage resolution of disputes. Peggy particularly enjoys helping clients who are seeking value-driven results and who aim to optimize their IP spend while making IP assets an integral part of the overall organizational strategy.

Effective July 1, 2017, Millikin Intellectual Property Law will become Millikin McKay, PLLC, when Molly McKay and her team will join the firm. Molly McKay is a registered patent and trademark attorney with over 27 years of experience. Millikin McKay will represent clients in all phases of intellectual property law and will assist clients in management and deployment of their intellectual property assets throughout the world. As the date approaches, we will be sharing more information and inviting you to join us for open houses and other exciting events celebrating this union.