2014-15 OKGIT Chair Ian Ogilve

As Governor Mary Fallin said during our February 2015 gavel ceremony at the state capitol, one of the key tenets of the Oklahoma Governor’s International Team is to attract people to Oklahoma. Those of us already living and doing business here know that Oklahoma is an attractive place, and we want the rest of the world to know it too.

The OKGIT brings together volunteers from private industry, education, nonprofits, and government. Each of us is involved because we care about Oklahoma’s standing in the world.

We set out to encourage trade between companies in Oklahoma and the rest of the world, as well as foreign direct investment in the state. That international business is important to Oklahoma. If you think of your state companies as akin to a portfolio of stocks, you want to have companies in there that are benefiting from stronger economies elsewhere around the world. We want to sell to countries that are booming and get them to invest here. That diversification allows us to do better overall when our economy is not as strong at home.

The OKGIT’s diverse set of members each bring an expertise that can help your company, city or academic institution find those international connections and succeed. To the extent that your districts and towns may have interest from international companies, let us know. The Oklahoma Governor’s International Team can help.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about the Oklahoma Governor’s International Team, please email