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Career consuls operate from official offices called consulates, and are recognized diplomats. Each consul represents his or her government (the “sending country”) in the US (the “host country”). A consul of Mexico in Houston, for example, is a government official of the country of Mexico, authorized to carry out specific duties on behalf of the Mexican government in the U.S. Consuls advocate for their citizens located in the host country in multiple ways, including specific duties and privileges when criminal charges are brought against citizens of the consulate in the host country.

There are no consulates located in the State of Oklahoma. Foreign citizens can reach out to the applicable honorary consul in Oklahoma directly, or find the applicable consulate for the region that includes Oklahoma by consulting the Texas Secretary of State website.

Another great resource for finding consuls in our region is the World Affairs Council of Dallas-Ft. Worth.

Honorary Consuls

Honorary consuls are individuals who live in Oklahoma and represent foreign countries here. The services of an honorary consul are typically requested for the same circumstances as for a career consul, such as passport issues and legalization of documents. In addition, honorary consuls perform other official functions of the foreign country, and often host its dignitaries when they travel to Oklahoma.

The following is a list of honorary consuls in Oklahoma. Countries without a representative in Oklahoma are encouraged to appoint one.

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