OKGIT members adapt to COVID-19: Alfonso Nieves of Fox Blocks


Alfonso Nieves

People around the world find themselves in the midst of one great, shared experience. Social distancing and large-scale quarantine measures became the norm in the months of March and April for many in the U.S. Colleges and schools stand empty, workplace conversations take place on laptops around kitchen tables or, in many industries, not at all. We spoke with a few of our members whose lives, work and studies have been directly impacted since governments across the U.S. took measures to slow COVID-19’s spread. The answers have been lightly edited for clarity.

Alfonso NievesFox Blocks

What is your title and what does your company/program do in “normal” times?

“I am the regional advisor for Fox Blocks, which manufactures insulated concrete forms. My work consists of recruiting distributors, training on our product’s use, architectural presentations, running project visits and presenting at trade shows.”

How did the COVID-19 issue impact your day-to-day work?

“One hundred percent of my job required travel at all times in my region of five states. We were and continue to be grounded from travel until June 30, 2020.”

If you’ve been forced to shut down or work from home, how has that impacted your job?

“Yes. I have been working from home and that was something to change and adapt to while still serving our customers and learning new skills to do our job from afar.”

What are the biggest challenges you face in your work in the coming few months?

“How quickly we can get back on the road.”

Have there been any positives you can point to in terms of new ways of doing business or working that have come during this time?

“Yes. Sometimes we can do more with less. New skills and new ways of supporting our customers from the distance saves a lot of money in travel for the company.”

In terms of your international activities, how have those been impacted by the past three months?

“Shipping to Mexico has been stopped and a large US Army Reserve Center project in Puerto Rico has been halted.”