Anahita Badkoubeh Hezaveh

Student Ambassador

Anahita Badkoubeh Hezaveh

Hezaveh is a graduate student at Oklahoma State University, pursuing a Master of Science (M.Sc) in Quantitative Finance. Diversity and excellence are both reflected in her educational journey. Her Master’s degree in Global Studies, with a focus on International Business and Trade, demonstrates her commitment to unraveling the complexities of global economics. Her academic horizons were expanded even further when she obtained a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering, focused specifically on Socioeconomic Systems.

Her current position is Graduate Teaching Assistant at Oklahoma State University’s Spears School of Business. While a Graduate Assistant at OSU Global, she gained a deeper understanding of global affairs and international programs, contributing to the promotion of cross-cultural understanding and cooperation—an indication of her commitment to fostering international relationships. Anahita has shown leadership capabilities within student organizations in addition to her academic and professional pursuits. Serving as Vice President of the Student Association for Global Affairs exemplifies her passion for global issues. Furthermore, she participated in the Graduate and Professional Student Government Association at OSU, advocating for the interests of her fellow graduate students. Committed to making a positive impact on her community and beyond, Anahita has volunteered her time in service to the American Red Cross programs.

Anahita’s linguistic talents are as diverse as her academic achievements. Fluent in three languages—Persian (Farsi), English, and Arabic—she aspires to excel in the field of financial planning, leveraging her multilingual capabilities to navigate diverse global financial landscapes effectively.

As an OKGIT Student Ambassador, Anahita envisions harnessing the substantial potential of international students across various disciplines. Her objective is to facilitate the optimal utilization of their talents within the Oklahoma State community, promoting inclusivity and collaboration.

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